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Reforming people management solutions


Relating people management practices with business needs has always aided substantial growth to a company. Using the pentagon model, assessing the capabilities and effectiveness of those processes, practices, policies and systems and providing a customised report of the areas on how it will impact the business was our objective. The tool was to build new action plans, modify current systems and processes that are required to achieve organisational goals.

We at SDTECH developed the Icube application that effectively manages the business needs with correlation to the best HR practices employed in the company. It helps organisations accelerate towards solutions, reducing the lead time to implementation.

Each component in these dimensions is provided with maturity index. It provides summary of areas of focus and their recommendation for action in those areas. The report also presents an action score card, analysis for each dimension, and other measurement metrics. Based on the results, the tool also provides strategic recommendations to improve metrics.

The diagnostic report covers dimensions like

  • Attract & Retain
  • Measure performance & value
  • Reward & Recognise
  • Build capability
  • Institutionalise Process and Culture.


  • Integrating various facets that contribute the functional capabilities & effectiveness
  • Identifying what, how & where improvements are required to sustain business growth
  • Dynamic benchmarking of data, visuals, graphs and scripts


  • Deep dive and analysis of HR Structure, capabilities and effectiveness
  • Survey Questions developed with thorough understanding of HCM policies and practices
  • Effective diagnosis of the survey results to build solutions and action plans

The development of HCM diagnostic tool helps the company analyse the alignment of HR practices and policies to business strategy and achieve desired results. The assessment questions are presented in an easy to understand and easy to navigate manner. The assessment report is delivered in clear, concise and well designed format.

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