Comfortable living and you


  • Reshaping your community living
  • From smartphones to smarter homes, we are in a generation where people are ready to use smart devices to make their lives more convenient and comfortable. But there are still a lot of key areas in our homes waiting for a great product to bring them into this smarter and digital world
  • CLAY “Comfortable living and you” is a revolutionary smart home solution that provides a secured community living, helps you to oversee your kids and elderly parents from any hazards
  • It can help you block the calendar to use gym/clubhouse or other amenities in your society

Our facial recognition and AI technology at SDTECH will revolutionise the way bigger communities and places are managed and administered with increased safety and awareness. It can be deployed in ticket handling systems with real time tracking, can be used for digital vault for documents, can be used for photo archives, can help users for timely payments of electricity, water and other services and a lot more.


  • CLAY can help in wide range of apartment services like visitor handling, intelligent vehicle identification etc.
  • It helps manage kids with less supervision and ensures safety
  • Optimises society living to add safety, comfort and peace of mind

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