ARTRU solution in
healthcare industry

In the US healthcare industry, for the doctors/hospitals to claim medical insurance of the patients involves a lengthy process. This Revenue Cycle management process is outsourced, and the claim process could take lot of time, since it involves in depth analysis of the Medical records of the patient and the hospital services offered for the diagnosed conditions. The certified coders or the experts in the field generate the right ICD and CPT codes based on the available records/information and these codes are converted to an amount to be claimed by the doctor/the hospital as calculated.

Our healthcare AI engine ARTRU, does the experts’ work in generating the codes. Artru reads the available medical records, extracts the necessary services rendered by the doctor/hospital and converts them to alphanumeric ICD and CPT Codes. ARTRU equipped with machine learning, Natural Language understanding and Artificial Intelligence can generate codes faster and accurate from any type of medical record. This reduces the total time taken for the process and increases accuracy in generation of codes.


  • Huge number of guidelines that are applied in medical coding
  • Algorithms to read, understand and analyse unstructured data in different formats and representations
  • Machine learning and Intelligence skills like a certified coder to accurately predict the ICD and CPT Codes

Key Elements

  • Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records are analysed with Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.
  • 95% accuracy witnessed with Artificial Intelligence capabilities of ARTRU in medical coding
  • Reduces turnaround time to process Medical Insurance Payments.

The unsupervised machine learning capability of ARTRU improves accuracy with more data and records. The major analytics in the process of medical insurance claims is handled by our AI Product, thus making the process more efficient. ARTRU’s solution in healthcare can be customised according to specific needs and can help process transactions in a dynamic way.

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