Social Media Strategy
to acquire customers


In this world of social media, marketing a product or a service and stay brand-ahead is a challenge as people no longer accept spam or mass messaging. The target audience are to be connected in a deeper level with personalised campaigns online. One of our client, 8K Radio decided to take a customised approach to drive app downloads, increase user registrations, website visits and radio listenership.

8K Radio is a Digital Radio created by the 8K Miles Media Group providing relevant online live infotainment for the Indian Americans living in the U.S. The app is available on iOS, Android and web. 8K Radio engages it’s customers with various features likes polls, events, contests, trending topics, social media integration etc.


  • Creating Brand awareness.
  • Building a customer base, making them download the app, drive users to tune-in.
  • Sustaining the existing customers.
  • Catching user’s attention in social media handles like twitter, Instagram, etc.,


  • Targeted users with streaming creative content when they are browsing their Facebook timeline.
  • Through Google, Search ads were improved based on the keyword searches originating from the U.S.
  • Podcasts, Periodical Blogs and news articles were posted for the Indian diaspora.
  • Created paid posts on Twitter, Instagram by Celebrities who are visiting US for concerts and shows.

The generation today has to be conveyed with advertising messages in a short time. It’s important to have deep insight into audiences on what they’re interested in and what pulls them towards the idea. By tailoring campaigns and catching user's attention on social media handles, we were able to build and sustain a larger customer base for 8K Miles Media in the U.S.

From 4K downloads during the launched month and 100K in one year, the SDTECH team influenced growth of 200K downloads in two years, which is a spectacular increase in number of customers tuning in.

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